Credit unions today face the unique challenge of maintaining current member relationships while growing new business in a stagnant economy. It's no longer enough to offer competitive interest rates. Members are demanding benefits that enhance their experience and anticipate their needs.

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Steve Fowler, president and CEO of South Carolina Credit League, had an identity theft scare that has made him a believer in the value of fraud advocacy services from IDT911.
He urges credit unions to consider providing this benefit to their members to minimize the risk of identity theft and other types of fraud.


Building Member Loyalty and Trust: How Identity Management and Fraud Detection Services Can Deliver Value-Added Benefits

"When our members have concerns or incidents of fraud or identity theft, they are always pleased to realize that help is at their fingertips."

Vantage West Credit Union

"IDentity Theft 911 takes real ownership of our members problems. People rave about the team."

Georgia United Credit Union